7th Customs & Trade Compliance India Summit 2024

Increasing trade volumes together with greater scrutiny of cross-border flows and a stringent focus on compliance with export control and customs regulations create significant challenges for supply chains. Moving goods internationally can be complex and costly for businesses in today's competitive - global markets. Effective trade compliance ensures that goods are classified correctly, and the origin and valuation of goods are accurately declared according to the laws, sanctions, and regulations. Any professional involved in the cross-border buying or selling of goods is touched by trade compliance considerations. Whether employed in supply chain operations, planning, procurement, or finance, the failure to understand and plan around import/export regulatory requirements can lead to unanticipated costs and a lot of wasted time. Product delays, stock-outs, emergency shipments, additional warehousing costs, and customs penalties are all common consequences of compliance failures.

For a firm to truly be successful in its international operations, trade compliance must be an essential part of its international business strategy and its strategic planning and operations. By attending the 6th Customs & Trade Compliance Asia Summit 2023, attendees will learn not only about the most important and critical aspects of trade compliance, but also how to integrate trade compliance into the strategic and operational dimensions of their company.


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  • Latest international trade policies and regulations
  • Export control regulations and compliance obligations
  • Global customs compliance program
  • Transfer pricing adjustments and customs valuation
  • Customs clearance audits & post-clearance audits
  • Recent disputes and enforcement trends


Functional heads of:
  • Customs/ Import/ Trade/ Export Compliance
  • Global/ International Trade Compliance
  • Trade/ Regulatory Counsel
  • EXIM Compliance
  • STPI/ SEZ Compliance
  • Commercial
  • Legal, Regulatory & Government Affairs


  • Utilizing free trade agreement to the fullest
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your Global Customs Compliance Program
  • How to implement strategies to help you to manage duty costs by utilizing free trade agreements, special programs and transactional structuring
  • Best practices for obtaining and maintaining AEO certification
  • Opportunity to exchange views with the experts, gain insight into recent cases and gather new ideas for your daily practice
  • Case study on developing and implementing a Centralized Customs Clearance Pilot